Top 3 Inflatable Tents You Should Consider

To get the best form the camping trip, you are required to have the best gear. This comprises the tent, which is the main factor for the camping trip. Because of many availability of the camping tents, you are required to have the best choice.

Maybe you already have the conventional tents and need to try something which is more practical are different. It is important for the new tent to provide best protection and inflatable tents are the best for that. You’re required to stop using the poles because inflatable tents saves your energy and time to do that.

Here are top 3 best inflatable tents.

TANGKULA Outdoor Tent

TANGKULA Outdoor Tent


This is the tent from Tangkula which is the best choice when you want the best inflatable tent, and if you do not need to spend much of your money. It is designed and compactable for either two or three inhabitants. Like other the inflatables, you do not require to bring together anything, but quickly inflate your frame. It has two rooms, one technically being vestibule with the best protection.

It is large so you will protect the gear against rain by just putting it inside the tent. The sleeping zone is separate from the mesh door. This increase airflow in the sleeping zone, but it can definitely be great when there is the window in there. This design of an entire tent is great, which assist it prevent wind as well. This serves the best for the sunshade.

Heimplanet Fistral Tent

This inflatable tent holds one to two people, but it turns offers a small weight and packed size. When you want to set it up anywhere, you can use it for some minutes. Other than being compact it has two entrances. Every entrance has nice vestibule which is in front. This significantly boosts its comfort and convenience. Due to geodesic design, it has outstanding stability on top of being waterproof. It has beams which are double-layered, but has extra safety system.

They’re inflated immediately, but if any of them get punctured then the others remain to be inflated so that the tent does not collapse. Moreover, every chamber has its valve. If there is something happening, the reparation process can be simple to make get it done faster.

Vango Odyssey Inflatable Air 800 Tent

Vango is well-known by the manufacturer as the best inflatable tents for the camping because of high-quality eight person tent. Regardless of it being large, it has very fast pitching time which can be raised up and be ready for within 10 to 15 minutes. Actually, this makes it to be the excellent choice for the large family or for the friends which is large. This inflatable tent is designed for two 4-person rooms which is connected with the vestibule at the center.

Every room has large zippered door when you are entering the tent using the D-shaped door at the side. Actually, the main door is equipped with the mesh panel which create suitable air circulation inside. Also, the vestibule features two windows which are made from the PVC.

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