INTERMATIC P1353ME Pool Pump Timer Review

Pool owners know that having a proper pump is vital. Taking care of your pool is top priority. No one wants nasty algae, dirty debris or unsightly looking water to be in their pool.

There are various types of pumps that are designed to help keep the pool clean and looking great. Intermatic are the makers of some very high quality pool pump timers. This review focuses on the Intermatic P1353ME Pool Pump.


This pool timer has three circuits. It integrates the basic features found in Intermatics control centres with digital computerization. It has the ability to maintain a maximum of three circuits. Additionally, it allows for the manning of one or two speed pump applications. The auxiliary mode allows for the regulation of pumps with strength of about three horsepower. They love the easy digital upgrade. But some are displeased with the fact that after a year the voltage switch malfunctions and the warranty is out

This timer has several features which will be highlighted shortly. One special feature is the override and countdown switch that can stop the pumps cycle when the pool requires a service. The connections on the Intermatic timer come with 7 already programmed modes and can be installed into most enclosures.


The Intermatic P1353ME pool pump timer is of a high standard. Here are a few of its features:

  1. This timer has a functional LCD display
  2. 120 or 240 input voltage capacity
  3. A special fireman switch
  4. The capacity to upgrade to wireless through PE653 receiver
  5. These features are excellent. In addition this pool pump timer has a memory backup system that provides added security. The LCD provides an easy to operate user platform. It comes in black and has a weight of around 1 and half pounds.


  1. The price of this pool pump is just under $245 on Amazon.



  • A special fireman switch
  • Dual major voltage (120 or 240)capacity
  • Sturdy


  • Some users complained about that the warranty is too short
  • A few users reported that they were having problems with the voltage switch


Most users of the Intermatic P1353ME Pool Pump timer are rather satisfied with the item. Most reported that they love the freeze and heat protection feature which is better referred to as the fireman switch. This protects the pump timer from the elements.

Many customers also said that it was able to connect to their enclosures easily and it is much quieter than the mechanical timers. They love the easy digital upgrade. But some are displeased with the fact that after a year the voltage switch malfunctions and the warranty is out.

Users like the fact that the manual is easy to understand. Plus programming the timer is rather simply.


The Intermatic P13353 ME is of a high standard. It is a quality pump timer that is suited for this technological age. With its multipurpose LCD reader it makes it simple for individuals to use. It is a very tough timer that is able to withstand the elements. This is a vital feature since these timers often experience lots of damage from the elements. There is a call by some users for an extension in the life of the warranty. This is since they reported that problems developed just after a year. This pump has a 4.1 customer rating on Amazon. This just goes to show the level of appreciation users have for the product.

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