What is a forearm compression sleeve and what are its benefits

A forearm compression sleeve is made from an elastic material and, as the name suggests, is worn around your forearm. They are often seen on professional athletes but many amateur fitness enthusiasts used them too because of their many benefits:

Improvement to blood circulation

Wearing a compression sleeve on your forearm will aid poor blood circulation in that area. Better blood circulation also means that more oxygen is delivered to the muscles and that has been proven to increase overall body performance. It also stops inflammation from occurring in case of injury. Preventing muscle swelling is important in preventing the injury to cause more unnecessary damage. Compression garments can also be used when recovering from surgery.

Shorter recovery time

Compression sleeves improve blood flow and help shorten recovery time after exercise by partially reducing lactic acid that usually builds up in the muscles after working out, causing them to become sore the next day. Recovering quickly is especially crucial to professional athletes who sometimes have to play for a few days in a row. By wearing forearm compression sleeves you can shorten the time between your arm workouts. This is helpful to people who have tight schedules and want to fit as many training sessions into their free time as they possibly can.

Skin protection

A forearm compression sleeve will also protect the outermost layer of your skin. This means both protection from any type of bumps and scuffles that often occur when playing contact sports such as basketball or football, and also protection from harmful UV rays. Studies have shown that while vitamin D we get from being outside in the sun is essential to making sure that our bodies function properly, we should not spend prolonged times outside without any protection. So if you don’t like the sticky feeling of sunscreen creams, a forearm protection sleeve can do the trick.

Toned muscles

Compression sleeves will also help you get rid of body fat from specific places. If you are struggling with sagging skin under your arms wearing a compression sleeve will raise your body heat and increase the intensity of your workout. The area under the compression sleeve will produce more sweat than usual. Thanks to that, more calories will be burned overall during the workout. And calories are the key to shaving off body fat.

As you can see, a forearm compression sleeve has numerous functions that can aid anyone, from professional athletes to people who are just starting their adventure with being fit. Forearm compression sleeves are just one product from a broad range of compression garments. Besides forearms, you can buy something to compress your waist, upper arms, buttocks, calves. You can even buy a compression bodysuit! All of these products work in a similar way.

Whether you’re looking for something to improve the efficiency of your workout, help with muscle recovery, or simply want to prevent sun damage, give compression sleeves a go. You will be surprised by what such a simple piece of material can do.

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