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    Love Watching TV Shows? Here are Some Gadgets for You

    TV watching is no longer what it used to be some few years back with the length technology has gone. The modern-day TV viewing experience has been altered in ways that home entertainment has the creative fusion of tech. From a better-enhanced sound, clearer resolution for TVs to the combination of smart gadgets, and home accessories to improve your TV watching experience, it is becoming arguably better to sit in the comfort of your home to enjoy the best television experience. Numerous gadgets are used to better TV-watching experience, but a few of them are: DreamScreen: Synonymous to its name, DreamScreen is a device that creates color and lighting that…

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    INTERMATIC P1353ME Pool Pump Timer Review

    Pool owners know that having a proper pump is vital. Taking care of your pool is top priority. No one wants nasty algae, dirty debris or unsightly looking water to be in their pool. There are various types of pumps that are designed to help keep the pool clean and looking great. Intermatic are the makers of some very high quality pool pump timers. This review focuses on the Intermatic P1353ME Pool Pump. BREIF DESCRIPTION This pool timer has three circuits. It integrates the basic features found in Intermatics control centres with digital computerization. It has the ability to maintain a maximum of three circuits. Additionally, it allows for the…

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    A jewel in the South Carribean – Curacao!

    Curacao is an island that is situated off of the Venezuelan coast in the South Carribean Sea. It is one of the five islands of the Netherland Antilles and is composed of the main island and a smaller uninhabited island that is called Klein Curacao. Curacao covers an area of one hundred and seventy-one square miles and has a population of one hundred and forty-one thousand residents. This makes the island the most populated of the Lesser Antiles, as well as the largest. The original inhabitants of the island were the Arawak Indians. The first Europeans to visit the island were Spanish explorers led by Alonso De Ojeda at the…